The Berger Lamp was once created to purify air and infuse it with lovely aroma, now it has grown to be an interior jewel. In 1898 Maurice Berger, a simple apothecary assistant, invented the first catalytic burning lamp that was supposed to purify air in the hospital wards, a solution to a major problem of that time.

Today the system of catalytic burning employed in the Berger Lamp still has no analogues in the world because it purifies air and fills it with aroma at the same time.  Lampe Berger Paris is one of the few French lighting houses which partners with artisanal workshops in order to create pieces of art. The world-known designers create stunning sketches and the best ceramicists, glass-blowers, and jewelers, crystal makers bring the projects to life.

A stunning variety of styles, silhouettes, and materials makes Berger lamp an elegant home accessory. Lampe Berger presents collections that can respond to any taste and fit with any interior. The exclusive models of the Designer collection by Lampe Berger were created by the greatest stars of the modern world of design such as Hilton MakKoniko and Pascal Morabito. Creators are people with a special view on the world which inspires them to create exalted compositions that reflect the author's impressions and feelings.

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